• Live In Style

    2 Living room, 2 bathroom

    Get $50,000 in stunning upgrad...

    549,800 USD
  • 8 Bowbank Cr NW/Bowness

    1 Living room, 1 bathroom

    Fishing anyone?! 750 m2 River ...

    595,000 USD
  • #202 4160 Norford Avenue NW

    2 Living room, 2 bathroom

    Capella at the University Dist...

    529,900 USD
  • 110 Hendon Drive NW

    4 Living room, 3+1 bathroom

    4 Bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms with...

    999,800 USD

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Kelvyn International was founded in 2009. In addition to the traditional business of emigrants abroad, it is also the overseas investment platform of Kelvyn Company, focusing mainly on overseas real estate, global business and international exhibitions.

Kelvyn has a strong team of experts who are familiar with corporate investment, real estate and immigration laws in various countries. Foreign licensed investment consultants, immigration lawyers and real estate brokers provide comprehensive closed-loop services for our investors.

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Five Reasons for Cooperating with Kelvyn

05 - Save time, effort and energy

Kelvyn Group selects the best property for you, organizes the property and property, selects the property that meets your requirements, determines the appropriate price, and regularly informs the current situation and the next steps.


Five Reasons for Cooperating with Kelvyn

04 - Ensure the accuracy of property information

In addition to verifying all information used to sell the property, Kelvyn group will ensure that the description of the property is correct and that the property data are accurate.


Five Reasons for Cooperating with Kelvyn

03 - Accompany you at every stage of the transaction

Kelvyn group will explain to you step by step what to do, from the first meeting to the signing of the notarial contract, will always accompany you.


Five Reasons for Cooperating with Kelvyn

02 - Analyze the purchase process and terms

When you are in doubt, Kelvyn Group will guide you to fill out the purchase statement, explain all the terms of the purchase commitment, and provide the documents needed to sign the notarization contract, and tell you the steps and process of buying the h


Five Reasons for Cooperating with Kelvyn

01 - Buy or sell at a reasonable price

Kelvyn Overseas Property has access to market statistics and advanced tools to enable them to conduct comparative market analysis. As a buyer or seller, you have insurance. You buy or sell your property at a reasonable price.